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I was a new mom who had much trouble finding the natural baby products that I feel were safe for my little guy. I don't like plastic, wastefulness, synthetic materials or consumerism, so why would I choose these things for my baby? Going to register at Babies 'R Us (the only option at the time) almost made me sick to my stomach to see how few options there were that met my standards. I wanted quality products that would not end up in the landfill!

I started Teeny Greeny in 2008 because I wanted "crunchy" people like me in the Kansas City area to be able to buy green products from someone locally. When I was shopping for these unique items, the only option was the internet. Being the granola-mom that I am, I wanted to "shop local," but it was impossible.

I want you to be able to see and touch things before you buy them, especially something like a cloth diaper or a sling! I want you to have a real person to answer your questions face to face. This poses a challenge with an online store, but I've had a great response to this new business model over the last 10 years. You can shop online if you know what you want, and choose local pickup (getting your goodies sooner and cheaper than shopping online only), or you can make an appointment to shop or sit down for a cloth diaper consultation in my showroom with me to answer any questions. I am more than happy answer questions via email, phone or in person. 

In 2012 we acquired Peachy Keen Diapers from the wonderful Ashley Fuller, and added a second location at Mommy Shop in south Overland Park. This spot offers regular business hours and a more traditional shopping experience for our customers. We also offer cloth diaper consultations and classes at this location. 

I also want you to be able to find as many natural baby products in one place, and since we have opened, we have added new products to the inventory every single month! Any suggestions for what you want to see next? We also offer a baby registry so you can let friends and family know what you really want for your baby!

More about me... Part of my passion for 'green' stems from my belief that we are given a responsibility to care for this earth, which I believe was designed as a beautiful picture that points us toward the Creator. We are stewards of our land, water and air, as well as our bodies, and we should treat these things as though they are God's, and not our own to destroy with our wastefulness, apathy or carelessness.

Prior to starting Teeny Greeny, I started New Creation Doula Services and was a full-time birth doula since 2002 and also did birth photography. I occasionally still take clients if we are a good match. I was a babywearing, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding, nature-loving momma while my son was young. My inner hippie is coming out more and more as I learn about natural lifestyle choices that are safer and simpler for us. Often my conversations revolve around natural labor and birth, sustainable and green living, alternative medicine, essential oils, organic food, and most recently, parenting and education styles. I now homeschool our three boys, and run Teeny Greeny from our home. I feel most alive when I am inspired to create... gardening and cooking, re-purposing old furniture, harvesting herbs for a tincture or salve, knitting a bib, or photographing a child. I come from an entrepreneurial family, so starting my own business was second nature to me. You can find out more about what some of our family members do, including edible organic landscape consulting & education, here, or RevampKC Custom Tile. 

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