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Hazelwood Necklace - Child/Baby

Hazelwood Necklace - Child/Baby
Blue & Yellow
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Child Necklaces are 11" or 13" in length.

Adult Necklaces are 18? in length.

Hazelwood has been used to help with:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Eczema
  • GERD or Reflux
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis

How will I know when my Hazelwood necklace is no longer effective?

When you see that the ends of the wood beads have started to darken you will need to consider replacing the necklace. Take notice to see if the inner part of the wood sections is darkening (not the outer bark) which is what indicates that the wood has absorbed as much acidity as it can.  If the outer bark darkens or starts peeling off, there is no need to be concerned. That is just a natural occurrence and will happen with normal wear and tear. It does not affect the woods ability to absorb acid at all.

Are the child necklaces safe?

The clasps have been specially designed with your child s safety in mind. For example, to prevent choking, if a necklace were to get caught on something, the clasps are designed to open when a certain amount of force is applied. Since hazelwood is most effective when worn as much as possible,  one option is to wrap the necklace around your child s ankle at night. That way they continue to get the benefit of wearing the hazelwood and you can rest easy as a parent knowing your child is safe. For adults, we recommend that it be worn all the time, including at night to get the full benefit of the hazelwood.

What size necklace should I choose for my child?

You should be able to slip your two fingers between the necklace and your child s neck.  The necklace should not be long enough for your child to bring it up over their chin to their mouth.  The necklace needs to be a comfortable length for your child.  A simple way to measure would be to drape yarn around the child s neck to the appropriate length and then measure the yarn length and match according to your sizes.

Can we wear our Hazelwood jewelry in the shower or bath?

No. Hazelwood should be removed prior to bathing, showering or entering a pool or hot tub.

Can I wear Hazelwood jewelry even if I m allergic to nuts?

You should have no allergy problems wearing the necklaces, as the Hazelwood branches are not in contact with the nuts of the hazelwood tree. However, if your allergy is severe, or you are still unsure, you should avoid hazelwood.

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