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Why Cloth Diapers?

1. They're incredibly soft and comfy - especially the "stay dry" type with soft fleece or microsuede as the interior fabric. I wouldn't want to wear paper undies--and my skin isn't half as sensitive as a baby's. A certain 2-year old in my life wears both cloth and sposies. When his mom asks which he'd like, he insists on his cloth diapers. Your baby would do the same!

2. They're cute with lots of colors and styles. I've been known to buy a diaper just because it's a new color or print that I don't already have in my collection. I mean, my stash. Obsessed? Yes. It's a useful obsession, though, so I make my excuses.

3. They save a ton of money. Let's do some quick math involving lots of "averages," bearing in mind that not every child is the same. 

  • The average kiddo goes through 6,000 diaper changes from birth to potty training. 
  • The average name brand diaper--like Pampers or Huggies--costs about 30 cents.
  • The average pull-up style diaper is 50 cents.
  • The average cost for using disposable diapers on your child will be $1,800 minimum!
A decent stash of 20 pocket diapers runs $360-400. Pump up your diapering good times with a pail liner, wetbag for on-the-go use, and a diaper sprayer for about $72 more. You will easily save $1,200--and that's on just the first kiddo. Diapers are routinely used for a second and even third child, at which point you're saving a full $1,800+ each time. Nice, right? And when you're done, sell them at Fluff 'N Stuff

4. They don't have questionable ingredients. Whether you go with an organic option or the "stay dry" polyester fleece route--you don't have to worry about anything but cloth touching your baby's bum. Disposables are made with Polyacrylate gel which has been linked with asthma, among other things. A new generation of one brand of disposable even resulted in chemical burns for many children in 2010. Ouch.

5. They're convenient. If you're running low on clean diapers, throw them in the wash! If you're running low on disposables there's a trip to the store in your near future. I hate running errands more than I have to. Once you have kids, there's no such thing as a "quick trip" to do anything, anywhere, anytime. 

6. They seriously lower your child's environmental impact. Some disposable companies would have you believe that the water and energy used to wash cloth diapers makes them no greener than disposables. Apply this logic to other items in your life, and ask where you stand. 

  • Would you start using paper plates to avoid the "waste" of running your dishwasher?
  • Would you wear chemical-laden, paper clothes to prevent wasting water in your washing machine?
  • Would you dig a latrine in your back yard to avoid flushing your toilet? ( wait, I still wouldn't.) 

Water is a renewable resource. While we strive to conserve it everywhere we can, it doesn't make sense to fill up our landfills instead of reusing solid products. Think about it: 6,000 disposables create about 2.7 tons of waste, much of which is plastic and extremely slow to biodegrade. In comparison, 20 pocket diapers (with inserts) only weigh about 10 pounds total. When they do eventually hit the land fill in several years, their impact will be minimal.

7. They get potty training start earlier and easier. The story is that disposables keep children too dry every time they wet themselves. Your kiddo is left basically unaware of his or her own bodily functions from birth. In a cloth diaper, your child will feel when they wet themselves and associate their bodily urges with the result.

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